Mageza Raffee Mokoena Inc (MRM) is made up of highly regarded lawyers two of whom have, and continue to act, as Judges of the High Court of South Africa. The firm specialises in Constitutional law; Corporate law a dedicated focus on State Owned (SOE) legal governance prescripts premised on specific founding legislation; Public Finance Management Act obligatory governance and compliance; the Preferential Procurement Policy Framework Act read with Treasury Regulations; Contract Law, High Court litigation, Legal and Financial Forensic Audits.

Firm was founded in the mid 1990’s and has provided legal advisory services to numerous high value political and business role-players in the post 1994 democratic South Africa. Outside of individual political icons and service to progressive organisations, the firm has provided legal services to inter-alia Cisco South Africa; Transnet (1995/6); City of Johannesburg  (1995/5/7/8/9); MetroGas (1996/7); Kelvin Power Station  (1996/7); National Housing Finance Corporation (2009/10); North West Housing Corporation (2008/9); SA Ladder (Pty)Ltd (2006/8); South African Post Office (SOE) (2103 to date); BrandSA (2014 to date) and many more.

Structured many transaction involving BEE entities between 1999 and 2016 inclusive of Global resorts Casino Group; CEIN-CISCO IT; Mathuba Coal Mining (Witbank)  an Eskom supplier; Graspan and Geduld later bought out by Glencore; SA Ladder and Castor’s BBE 26% acquisition of a Massmart Supplier; Agricultural Woolworths through joint IDC/Landbank funding.